Vanuatu, Why you should layby it now!

by Adene Cassidy    |    Apr 10, 2018

Vanuatu is reminiscent of Bali, 20 years ago. A small, untouched paradise offering a tropical Island getaway that won’t break the bank...

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

by Adene Cassidy    |    Apr 03, 2018

... It’s cold outside, probably snowing, Santa isn’t wearing thongs and boardies, there’s turkey, carol singers in the streets and Christmas lights that will melt the hearts of adults and children.

How to avoid a giant mini bar bill!

by Adene Cassidy    |    Mar 13, 2018

... A holiday where you can account for exactly what you’re going to spend before you even sip your first mojito. A holiday where all of the planning and thinking is done for you … isn’t that what a real holiday is all about?

Why planning ahead is always a good idea!

by Adene Cassidy    |    Feb 27, 2018

You’ve only just taken down the Christmas tree and your body and wallet is still feeling the after effects of the silly season and now we’re tempting you with another holiday!

Island life in Koh Samui

by Adene Cassidy    |    Feb 15, 2018

So you think a tropical island with white sandy beaches, coconut trees and clear blue waters only exists on Instagram, a luxury holiday just for bloggers?

Top cruising destination: New Caledonia

by Adene Cassidy    |    Feb 14, 2018

Pacific charm, French flavour. Baguettes and beaches may seem like a strange combination, but this is part of daily life in New Caledonia.

You can now layby your holidays with LayAway Travel

by Olivia Esveld    |    Feb 06, 2018

... We're here to tell your that your prayers have been answered and thanks to LayAway Travel the cost of flights, hotels, transfers and even SPENDING MONEY can all be booked now but paid off over time before you take off!

How to beat the back to work blues...

by Olivia Sandelin    |    Jan 30, 2018

Are you back to the daily grind of rush hour and deadlines? Does your holiday feel like a distant memory? Here's how to flight the holiday blues...

Top Australia Day travel destinations

by Adene Cassidy    |    Jan 25, 2018

Celebrate Australia Day in true Aussie style and explore our amazing country! Why travel overseas when you can visit you own backyard? Here are LayAway Travel’s top Aussie destinations ….

"We are currently on our 7 nights Fiji holiday and all I can say is AWESOME"

by Layaway Traveller    |    Jan 09, 2018

"We are currently on our 7 nights Fiji holiday and all I can say is AWESOME"

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki
from $5.72 per day
Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa
from $7.25 per day
Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort
from $3.00 per day
Ohana Waikiki East by Outrigger
from $5.10 per day