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How to avoid a giant mini bar bill!

By Adene Cassidy | Mar 13, 2018 |
A holiday is a luxury in every sense, it’s time out from our very busy lives. Precious time where we can choose between exploring, escaping, eating, drinking, bonding with family or simply just lying by the pool all day! 

It’s also precious because holidays cost money, and whether you’ve saved up or you’re paying off a layby holiday, this is money and time you want to spend well. 

So, it’s little wonder the popularity of all-inclusive holidays is on the rise. A holiday where you can account for exactly what you’re going to spend before you even sip your first mojito. A holiday where all of the planning and thinking is done for you … isn’t that what a real holiday is all about? 

Resorts and hotels around the world have jumped on board this trend and offer a variety of all-inclusive holidays, to suit the adventurer, the honeymooners or families. 

Follow our top tips to help you choose the best all-inclusive holiday to suit you! 

1. Know exactly what type of holiday you want. Action? Adventure? Days by the beach? Foodies tour? Work it out first, then start the search for all-inclusive packages to cater for your desires.

2. Calculate your total budget. How much can you afford to spend on the entire holiday, not just flights and accommodation. This will help you choose a layby holiday that won’t blow the weekly budget and chances are you’ll be able to stick to the repayments! 

3. If you like to explore your own restaurants, and book your own activities or tours then find a package where you have options so you’re not spending double. Choose a destination where you have options outside of the resort. Many all-inclusive holidays are offered by resorts where you’ll be eating and drinking at their own restaurants, cafes and bars for the entire holiday. Make sure they have enough options to keep you happy! 

4. If you’re heading to an action-packed resort where all of your activities are included, be sure to select dates where the weather won’t limit what’s available. This will help you avoid disappointment if you’ve pre-paid for everything!

5. If you’re booking a family holiday look for facilities like kids’ clubs, activities and entertainment they’ll enjoy, quite often these are extras that you won’t  know about until you get the final bill! 

The beauty of a layby holiday which includes all of the extras is you can avoid returning with any travel debt. You can avoid that hideous mini bar bill at the end. How good does it sound? 

Regal Port Douglas
from $24.95 per day
Hilton Cairns
from $24.26 per day
Mantra French Quarter, Noosa
from $24.89 per day