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10 Ways to Entertain a Teen in Thailand

By Thomas Mitchell | Aug 02, 2017 |

Delicious food, magical beaches and the kind of islands you can only dream about. It’s no coincidence that Thailand has long been a favourite hotspot for Australian families. But before you pack your bags for Bangkok or pull up poolside in Phuket, it pays to remember that travelling with teenagers can be pretty tough to handle. 

It requires the patience of a monk and the planning of a military officer. You need to be prepared for sudden mood swings, unpredictable “you’ll never understand me” outbursts and of course the dreaded declaration that this holiday is SO BORING

Rather than risk arriving in Thailand underprepared and overwhelmed, take note of these ten teen-friendly activities and save yourself a world of pain. You can thank me later! 

Elephant Sanctuary 

Phuket’s famous Elephant Sanctuary really is the perfect way to entertain even the most tough-to-crack teen. Not only are the elephants absolutely adorable but seeing them in their natural habitat is pretty special. You’ll get the chance to feed the elephants, take them for a stroll plus watch them swim. 


Hard up for ideas about what to do with your high-octane teen? Never fear, help is here. Make a beeline for Phuket’s Anthem Wake Park, a specially designed wake course that comes complete with qualified instructors. Kick back in the tree lounge - with a sneaky cocktail - while your kids carve up the water. 

ATV Tours 

Nothing says ‘fun for the whole family’ quite like a four wheeled adventure! ATV tours are big business in Thailand and ATV Phuket is your best bet for an unforgettable day out. Your kids will love the sense of freedom as they explore the jungles of Thailand on four wheels, meanwhile, you can keep a close eye on them from your own ATV. That’s win win! 

Flow House 

Despite the fact that Bangkok is a big city there’s every chance your kids could be bored within a few days. Luckily the Thai capital is crawling with cool stuff to do. Find your way to the famous Flow House, where your kids can surf the FlowRider, a simulated wave surfing machine. It also includes a clubhouse where parents can relax while their kids wipe out!

Ice Skating 

From hanging ten to hitting the ice, escape the crippling heat of Bangkok by spending the day ice skating. The Rink offers several locations around Bangkok (plus Pattaya) and also includes casual classes for those looking to improve their skate skills. 


If in doubt, bust the snorkel out. Take advantage of Thailand’s magical marine life and send your teenagers out to explore the underwater world. It’s a hassle-free way to help them enjoy the holiday. 

Splash Jungle Water Park 

If there was ever a place designed purely to provide hours of endless entertainment for teenagers then it’s Splash Jungle Water Park. The rides have names like Whizzard, Super Bowl and Boomerang, all of which will appeal to thrill-seeking teens. Wind down the day with a family raft ride before hitting the Lazy River. 

Upside Down House

It’s an undeniable rule that teenagers love weird stuff and there’s nothing more strange than Phuket’s mind boggling Upside Down House. It’s pretty much exactly at it sounds - everything is upside down - but there's also a massive garden maze to get lost in plus an Escape Room. 

Go Karting

While it might be a while before your teenagers are legally allowed on the road at home, let them get some solid practice sessions under their belt with a bit of Go Karting in Thailand. You can either join them on the course to show them how it's done, or slip away for a few precious moments of solitude. 

Muay Thai at Pattaya 

No trip to Thailand is complete with taking out in some traditional Muay Thai matchups. With a focus on speed, skill and technique, as opposed brute force, it’s an important part of Thai culture, while also offering an electric atmosphere. Head to MAX Muay Thai Stadium in Pattaya for the best bouts, with fights every night of the week.

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