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Save with out Top Tips

By Olivia Sandelin | Oct 17, 2018 |

Choose dates wisely

This is arguably the most important budget friendly tip and one which can save you hundreds of dollars. Book your holiday during off-peak seasons, and avoid school holidays, try overlapping the first or last few days instead. Choosing public holidays, such as Christmas Day or Boxing Day or New Years’ Day, when nobody else is travelling is a great insiders tip. The airlines still have to operate so will reduce fares to fill the seats! 

Book in advance

With layby you can manage your finances and still book the holiday you’ve always dreamt of! We strongly recommend booking as far in advance as possible, it will reduce your instalment amount plus give you plenty of time to pay off the holiday without breaking the weekly budget.  

Save on hotels

Accommodation can be the biggest money scammer, so look for the following features: 
- Kitchen facilities: Avoid dining out and opt for in-room dining and cook at home. 
- Location: Ensure it’s a central location to avoid expensive transport costs.
- Bunk in: Book twin or shared rooms to accommodate your entire group. Extra rooms means extra cost. 

Be inclusive

Look for inclusive offers and get more bang for your buck. Many LayAway holidays include complimentary meals, Wifi, accommodation for kids or attraction passes.  Cruises also offer all-inclusive packages, including main meals and a variety of free activities and events.

Research, reasearch, research

Research before your holiday! Pay for theme park and attraction passes in advance and save on costly up-front fees. Advanced booking gives you access to discounted packages and you’ll avoid long queues and entertainment taxes. 

Save on food and drink

Eating out daily will empty your pockets in no time. If you’ve booked a room with a kitchen you don’t need to eat out three times a day! Choose breakfast, dinner or lunch to eat out and stock your kitchen with local goodies for the rest of your meals. Shopping for ingredients is a great way to discover local markets. Avoid the mini bar, prices are often higher than local supermarkets! Take snacks and water to theme parks and attractions to avoid shelling out huge costs at these venues. 

Avoid transportation costs

Transportation costs can be extremely high when travelling, and will easily drain a holiday budget. Stay in a central location to save money on costly transport and you’ll be able to explore on foot! Using public transport or ride sharing services is also a good way to get around, and cheaper than a taxi. Most LayAway holidays include transfer costs to and from the airport, another great way to save! 

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