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10 travel gag gift ideas for the ultimate prankster

By Olivia Sandelin | Nov 28, 2017 |

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start planning what presents you’re going to buy your favourite Aunty or cranky Boss! 

Why not make it one to remember and give the gift of laughter this Christmas with a camera that takes butt selfies or a boyfriend pillow! 

Here are our top ten travel gag gift ideas for the ultimate prankster:

1. Beer pong travel set: For the ultimate punter

This portable set lets you launch into the classic drinking game anytime, anywhere. For all the punters out there, we know you’ll make this a priority when packing for your next holiday. 

 2. Boyfriend travel pillow: For the solo traveller

If you know someone needing a bit of comfort in their life, why not give them the ultimate in travel accessories. BYO snuggle buddy? Whether you’re travelling solo or buying for a friend’s adventure, the boyfriend pillow is the ultimate cuddle companion when you need it the most!


3. Personalised luggage: For the forgetful

Let’s face it, most suitcases look the same, which means keeping track of them can be difficult! So, ditch those pesky luggage tags and buy a ‘head case’ which features a giant picture of you on your suitcase. A giant picture of your face on your luggage may be horrifying, but it’s very practical. 


4. Belfie stick: For the self-obsessed

Finally, back side selfies! This unique twist on the tourist staple ‘selfie stick’ allows you to take pics of your butt from any angle, no matter the size. Get creative with your holiday pics and invest in one of these. You’ve taken a selfie, now take a Belfie. 

5. Hair brush flask: For the multi-tasker

We all know someone with a hidden agenda in life, don’t we? Give them the gift of the Hairbrush Flask this Christmas, because while on holiday one can never be left thirsty, or with bad hair! Fill the hairbrush up with booze, put it in your purse, and the holiday has just begun! You’ve got to lose a multi-purpose item. 


6. Pizza towel: For the hungry beach goer

The ultimate Christmas gift this Summer is the pizza towel. Look and feel like a snack while you’re at the beach and give that special someone something a little bit cheesy!

7. Tourist band: For those who want a little more privacy

Know someone travelling this Christmas who hates sitting next to anyone?!! The ‘b-tourist band’ provides passengers with a private space to eat, drink and sleep during a flight. We’re not sure if this is completely absurd, or simply genius!

8. Mop slippers: For the OCD

A personal favourite here at LayAway Travel. These slippers are an OCD travellers dream, especially when travelling to destinations off the beaten track. Beat the cleaners, keep your hotel room sparkly clean, and satisfy your OCD in one go!


9. Convertible dress: For the over-packer

The convertible dress is the perfect gift for someone who always over packs! There are over 28 ways to wear this beauty, giving you at least 28 days’ worth of outfits… bingo! Trendy and travel friendly. 

10. Ostrich hat: For the deep sleeper

Nap anytime, anywhere with this travel friendly ostrich hat. Cocoon yourself in the land of nod with a head engulfing sound-proofed cushion. As long as you don’t mind looking a little strange, this hat is the perfect travel companion for long car rides, flights or buses. 

We’re not joking! Happy holidays travellers. 

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