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Our Top 6 Reasons to Layby a Christmas Getaway

By Adene Cassidy | Dec 13, 2018 |


With Christmas around the corner I’m guessing your stress levels are high? The shops are chaotic, the chances of road rage high and you’re wishing the silly season was already over. There is a way to escape this madness and enjoy what could be your best Christmas yet.

Here’s why spending Christmas far away from home is a good idea!

1. ESCAPE FAMILY FIGHTS. Avoid the dramas, the unwanted cousins, bad seating plans and fights over who burnt the turkey. Instead have the last laugh, choose your daybed by the pool and screen family members trying to ruin your fun in the sun! 

2. GET SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE CHRISTMAS LUNCH. This is a no-brainer! Just the thought of avoiding the supermarket and working in a hot kitchen for 24 hours (on a 38 degree day) is enough to make me layby Christmas 2019 right now! Enjoy being waited on hand and foot with menu choices that suit you, not your vegetarian cousin! 

3. ESCAPE PRE-CHRISTMAS CHAOS. If you stay at home there is no way to avoid the lead up, the roads are a nightmare, the shopping queues horrendous and what normally takes you an hour, at this time of year takes 3. Pack your bags, jump on a plane, and wave goodbye to the suckers on the streets below you.

4. SAVE MONEY ON PRESENTS. This isn’t mean, it’s just smart! Going away means you will actually have money in your bank account right up until Christmas Day, and even better you can spend that money on yourself! Chances are the presents you spent hours deliberating over and your last pay packet on will be re-gifted anyway! 

5. NO CLEANING. When was the last time you had a Christmas without a mop, a bucket and sink loads of washing up. Imagine not having to pick up metres of ribbon, paper and toy boxes or screaming at your kids to pick up their dirty clothes. A hotel stay means you will do absolutely nothing. 

6. EXPERIENCE A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS. Imagine a White Christmas in New York where it’s cold on Christmas Day and you can tuck into a hot turkey and potatoes without beads of sweat dripping from your forehead. Or a hot Christmas where you can jump into the pool or swim off the beach without getting in your hot car and driving 40 minutes. The choices and experiences available are endless! 

See where you could spend Christmas 2019 if you layby a holiday! 

Regal Port Douglas
from $20.33 per day
Hilton Cairns
from $19.84 per day
Mantra French Quarter, Noosa
from $21.30 per day