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Who Are We?

LayAway continues to change the way Australian’s can pay for their travel.

In 2014 LayAway Travel entered the Australian market giving travellers their very first online lay-by payment system. Now in it’s third year, LayAway continues to challenge the way Australian’s can pay for their travel. With no deposit, no hidden fees and no interest, travel has become more accessible to families, singles, couples and groups.

Andrew Paykel
Andrew Paykel
Founder & Managing Director

Andrew Paykel was Chief Operating Officer at Fisher & Paykel for seven years before leaving to start LayAway Travel in 2014. Working for one of Australia’s most trusted brands for twenty years provided a great insight into consumer needs. His goal is to make LayAway Travel accessible to thousands of Australians.

MichaelM Morton
Michael Morton
Financial Controller

Michael Morton has strong background in IT and financial systems and is responsible for financial data, systems design, and other internal projects.

Belinda Pignone
Belinda Pignone
Digital Marketing Manager

Belinda Pignone has more than seventeen years’ experience in travel and e-commerce, working for two of Australia’s largest online travel retailers, and is responsible for hotel and holiday marketing.

Roula Seferlis
Roula Seferlis
Content Manager

Roula Seferlis has worked in the travel industry for over sixteen years, including a number of Australian's leading online companies, and is responsible for LayAway content and product.

Melissa Burkett
Melissa Burkett
Online Travel Consultant

Melissa Burkett has worked in the travel industry for more than twenty years and is one of the first points of contact when you book your lay-by holiday.

Syed Irtaza
Syed Irtaza Hussain
Chief Technology Officer

Syed Hussain has more than 15 years experience in programing and UI/UX design. Creating ecommerce platforms for leading international and multi-national companies.