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The age of the millennial traveller

By Olivia Sandelin | Jul 20, 2017 |

We’re digitally obsessed, adventurous and financially savvy… welcome to the age of the millennial traveller.

It’s the 21st century and with open arms we’ve welcomed the likes of Airbnb, Uber, GoGet and After Pay. Alongside the rapid adoption of these new technologies comes an army of the world’s most influential target market… millennials.


It’s a combination like no other, and travelling millennials now amass a huge proportion of global travellers worldwide. A quick flick through Instagram will tell you exactly this, it seems that every man and his dog from every millennial demographic is swanning around some part of the world right now.


So, what has brought on this sudden #trend in millennial travel?

It’s the cost that scares many. Most of us can barely afford a trip to the backyard yet alone a one-way ticket around the world. It’s these clever new technologies that enable the intrepid traveller in all of us to set sail. 

What are these home-sharing services?

There’s now no need to fork out the big bucks to stay in accommodation. Budget websites allow travellers to book either an entire house, unit or private room for a fraction of the cost compared to regular hotels. Price comparing websites allow you to see the best prices for accommodation on your desired dates. Hostel living is also a popular option amongst young travellers, $20 a night can give you adequate accommodation around most parts of the world… so why not?

No loans necessary.

Pre-planning a trip with layby payment plans is also an emerging trend within the millennial demographic. Whilst mainly working in casual jobs, the idea of being able to set aside a certain amount of money per day is like a dream for us. It takes the stress out of saving and it also lets someone else do the planning – bingo! Paying off your holiday before you travel allows you to set aside the most important part of your holiday finances… spending money! This way you can work out exactly how much you need to budget per day, as opposed to worrying about several different expenditures. It’s a no brainer! Start up company LayAway Travel is on top of this emerging trend, offering packages to various destinations around the world.

Goodbye public transport. 
Ride sharing services make it even easier to get around town. My most recent trip to London has proved exactly that.. it was cheaper to get an Uber as opposed to the tube! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take a car over public transport any day.
Scale it up another notch and in most cities, you can now ‘share’ your ride with other travellers in the same vicinity. So, instead of splitting your taxi with just 1 or 2 riders, you can share it with 3 or 4 bringing costs down even more. 
It’s an overwhelming desire to see the world like no other, and with travel becoming ever the more accessible, why not! 

You only have one life, so go live it. 
Holiday? Yes you can. 

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