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The Top Ten Trending Travel Items

By Olivia Sandelin | Mar 15, 2017 |

It’s the 21st century, so let’s face it, if it’s not #trending then it’s not worth spending.

To make your life just that little bit easier we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 trending travel items you need right now. 

1.  For mum: Fly-tot inflatable cushion 

It sounds basic but it works! Get into holiday mode as soon as you step on the plane and avoid a stressful journey with grumpy toddlers. The Fly-tot allows kids to lie flat in a regular economy seat, mimicking the sleep they receive in their own beds at home – Genius. It’s a no brainer really… Sleep for bub + sleep for mum = success. 

2.  For the OCD: Packing cubes

These packing cubes will be the best money you’ve ever spent. To avoid searching the bottom-less bit commonly known as an over packed suitcase, this is your answer. Each cube allows you to organise your entire suitcase into different compartments so you can find what you want when you need it. Packing cubes are available on all e-commerce platforms, the best we’ve found have been from ‘Zoomlite.’ 

3.  For dad: Noise cancelling headphones 

Bose do an amazing set of noise cancelling headphones. A great travel hack for these is to wear them while you’re trying to get to sleep. This will block out the engine noise and any unwanted crying babies or snoring neighbours! They will also stop you from getting sore ears as a result of the badly designed airline headsets. Available from most major gadget shops, these headphones are also a great gift idea, it’s a double whammy!

4.  For teens: Travel pillow

These are a travel must. Whilst there are so many already out there, the top trending pillow is the ‘FaceCradle.’ Essentially this new design allows you to sleep upright with your pillow suspending from the seat, as opposed to kinking your neck to the side and having to book a physio appointment as soon as you land… ouch!

5.  For bookworms: Kindle

All praise the mighty Kindle! Save room in your luggage while saving the environment at the same time and invest in one of these. Say goodbye to your chunky books and download thousands of e-copies through Amazon, kicking in-flight entertainment in the butt. A great option for the kiddies too.

6.  For the over-packer: Multi-use travel clips

As simple as they are, these trending travel clips are an easy way to avoid over-weight cabin baggage. Simply clip one onto your handbag and you can attach an array of objects such as jackets, water bottles, travel pillows and toys to avoid bulky luggage. We all know that someone who tries to board the plane carrying 7 items worth the allowed 7 kilos… 

7.  For tots: Ride on luggage:

Kiss goodbye to travel strollers, the Ride-On Carry-On team have made it that much easier to get your family around the airport from A to B. Available from all major suitcase retailers, these ride on trunks are a fun and effective way to keep the kids entertainment and best of all… in the same place!

8.  For the gadget geeks: Portable travel router and battery charger

Multipurpose gadgets are ideal for travellers, especially for those who would rather die than be in an area with limited WIFI… we’ve all been there! These ultra-light, ultra-effective routers allow you to boost WIFI networks and share them among devices. Better yet, they also have an inbuilt portable battery meaning you can keep all your gadgets charged up at the same – bingo! 

9.  For the worry wort: GPS luggage tracker

Genius! It’s a never-ending debacle with airlines when you lose your luggage. Cut out the middle man entirely and take matters into your own hands. Tile Mate is the best device we’ve found and can also act as a key or phone finder, brilliant! The Bluetooth tracker attaches onto anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast. Using the Tile app synced to your items, allows you to find the location of your belongings quickly and efficiently. 

10.  For the neat freak: Travel steam iron

It’s a constant battle to find clothing that doesn’t crinkle in your suitcase and can ‘travel well.’ But what if you didn’t have to… Travel steam irons are the latest and greatest within the jet setting arena. Most home appliance stores now stock these super convenient extra lightweight and portable devices, making it easy to look and feel good while you travel. 

Thank us later.

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