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Top Ten Tips to Avoid Travellers Remorse

By Adene Cassidy | Jul 14, 2017 |

How to avoid travellers remorse

Even the most magical holidays can be overshadowed by remorse almost as soon as the plane hits the tarmac.  It could be the Bali braids, the bird tattoo, or the quickie marriage in Vegas that you regret or the huge credit card bill you’ve racked up … can you relate to this? 

Here are our top ten tips to help you avoid debt and keep that holiday high.

1.  Plan ahead, it’s boring we know, but key. Know where you want to go and when, research your destination well, estimate the total cost and break it down to weekly payments. Include spending money, travel insurance & extras in this estimate. 

2.  Read the fine print before you commit to travel specials. Last minute cheap flights and 24 hour offers often seem like an amazing deal, so you pay the deposit, only to find you have to use credit to pay for the rest. The interest on the credit could cost you more than the savings you made on the special offer! 

3.  Avoid unnecessary purchases, it’s so easy to make poor purchases in the spur of the moment. How many times have you returned with clothing, presents or knick knacks you just know you’ll NEVER use! Get an honest opinion from a family member or friend before you buy! Spend your money on cultural or fun experiences you can’t do at home. 

4.  Choose the right length of time, so often travellers return and say “it wasn’t long enough” or “I couldn’t wait to get home.” This is easily fixed, make a bucket list of what you want to do on your holiday, then plan the itinerary. For example, if your bucket list is to lie by a pool and do nothing, think about how long you need to unwind, and how long before you get bored. If your list involves sightseeing and adventures, plan how many days you need for each activity. 

5.  Choose your travel companions wisely, if you’re travelling with a friend, ask yourself if you could spend 12 to 24 hours a day with this person at home? If not, then you need to find a new travel buddy or a new family! 

6.  Respect the country you’re visiting, don’t do stupid things in a place where you don’t know the law. In Thailand for example, disrespecting The Royal Family could see you end up in a Thai jail. 

7.  Don’t become selfie obsessed, do take lots of photos but remember there’s nothing quite like enjoying the moment without your eyes glued to a screen! 

8.  Keep a travel journal, it’s always fun to reminisce about your time away. 

9.  Create a photo book with the 1000’s of images on your phone, you can do this online with Apple, it’s simple and a great way to keep a lifelong moment of your holiday.

10.  Lastly, remember to have fun, it will always overshadow the minor regrets, but maybe not the debt.  

*Disclaimer: The bird tattoo and quickie Vegas wedding are in no way related to a LayAway staff member. It was a friend of a friend of a friend, that’s how the story goes anyway …. 

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