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You can now layby your holidays with LayAway Travel

By Olivia Esveld | Feb 06, 2018 |
- Your alarm goes off HORRIBLY early and as much as you wish you could, hitting snooze is not an option 

- Your morning caffeine hit might as well be decaf because ain't nothing making those droopy eyes perk up before 10am

- You sit in bumper to bumper traffic, bunny-hopping (let's face it walking would almost be faster during peak hour) to the office
- And you're sitting at your desk, staring at your computer, trying to be productive, but all you can think about is heading outside and enjoying the last days of Summer

- That's right it's February; the time of year that everyone struggles to head back to work after the Summer holidays. So wouldn't it be nice if we could just forget work, hop on a plane and jet off to your dream destination?

But of course, after a CRAZY expensive Christmas and New Year period, having the funds to splurge on a holiday isn't always an option for everyone. So what if we told you that Laybying your holiday is actually a thing that will allow you to book your holiday NOW without having to fork up the entire payment straight away?

Well we're here to tell your that your prayers have been answered and thanks to LayAway Travel the cost of flights, hotels, transfers and even SPENDING MONEY can all be booked now but paid off over time before you take off!

And what's even better is that with LayAway Travel you can say bon voyage to those pesky deposits, interest payments and credit card checks. Their layby travel system is here to make your life easier not a nuisance!

To book your next holiday via Layby all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the website www.layawaytravel.com.au

2. Select your destination and travel dates (travel dates can be booked anywhere from 5 months up to 2 years in advance!)

3. Select your hotel and room type from the variety of packages on offer

4. Choose your layby payment plan (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly)

5. Create a LayAway Travel account and enter passenger details

6. Select your payment method via direct debit, credit or debit card

7. Enter you card or payment details and confirm your booking

And voila! You're ready to go on your relaxing holiday without any of the unnecessary stress!

And to make booking your layby trip even easier LayAway Travel have given us their hot tips for making the process as smooth as possible:

- Avoid peak holiday season if you want to save a bit of extra cash

- Plan, plan, plan! Book your holiday as early as possible to secure a longer layby period and make each repayment smaller

- To get your hands on exclusive travel deals and special offers sign up to LayAway Travel online

- So, what are you waiting for? Start packing those bags because your next holiday could be as easy as a few clicks away with LayAway Travel.

This article was originally published on kiis1065.com.au   

Regal Port Douglas
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