Terms & Conditions

Recurring instalments are to be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly as chosen by you at the time of booking your layby holiday. Final balance is required 2 months prior to departure for all holiday packages and 3 months prior to departure for all cruise packages. Payment methods are credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa) or direct debit from your nominated bank account. If payment details need to be changed, please contact our Customer Service Team between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

By purchasing a LayAway Travel Package through laywaytravel.com.au or via a LayAway Travel consultant, you agree to enter into a contract direct with the Third Party Provider and to be bound by any additional terms and conditions that the Third Party imposes.

Choice of airline cannot be guaranteed however LayAway Travel will select the best possible and available airline for your trip utilising a selection criteria of: carrier that provides services for the route(s) selected; least possible stop-overs; reputation of the airline; and cost allowance for that route within the package pricing.

You are responsible for ensuring total number of people travelling within your travel party / booking can be accommodated within the rooms you have selected. LayAway Travel will not be responsible for any additional charges for accommodation or bedding you may incur. Your travel documents will be provided to you via email and/or mail at least 4 weeks prior to travel, provided full and final balance is made.

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars. Price changes may occur by reasons outside of our control such as; adverse currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges, taxes, charges or levies imposed by any government or their agencies.

If foreign currency rates were to fluctuate beyond reasonable levels, LayAway Travel reserves the right to amend Payment Plan pricing via written notification to you and subsequent acceptance by you. You may elect (in writing) to discontinue the booking & payment plan in which case cancellation fees may apply.

You are required to pay for any additional products or services in relation to your travel that are not incorporated within your LayAway Travel Package. These may include (but are not limited to) Resort Fees & Taxes, Special Event surcharges, Security Deposit, if applicable, which in most circumstances are payable directly to the hotel at the time of checking in.

Prices do not include personal expenditure such as insurance, laundry, telephone calls, emergency evacuation costs, drinks, excess baggage, passport, visa fees, gratuities, and travel costs in Australia to the point of international departure.

Prices may change due to unforeseen or special events; or pricing changes made by our third party suppliers. In this circumstance we will advise you immediately and you may elect (in writing) to discontinue the Contract & Payment Plan. No cancellation fee will apply.

Once you have placed your booking, an initial payment of the first instalment is required with following payments occurring at the time intervals you have selected. Automatic payments will occur on the day (or next business day if the date is a public holiday). For all cruise bookings, a deposit payment of $50 per person is required at time of booking with first instalment required at the time intervals you have selected.

If you wish to skip a payment please let us know at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled payment. As payments are automated we may not be able to cancel or stop a payment on the day they are due.

Credit card payments are managed through Stripe by LayAway Travel.

Split Payments are responsible for handling all Direct Debit customer payments on behalf of LayAway Travel.
Split Payments Direct Debit Requests Service Agreement.
Split Payents Direct Debit Requests.

1. INITIAL TERMS Split Payments will debit your nominated account for the amounts and at the frequency of payments as agreed between us on the Split Payments DDR Contract authorised and accepted by you.
2. CHANGE OF TERMS Terms may be changed immediately with the approval of the Customer or within the parameters of the Digital Agreement issued by the Customer and approved by the Registered User. This is managed through the Split Payments Platform.
3. DEFERRING OR STOPPING A PAYMENT Should you wish to defer a payment to another date you must contact the Customer before the date of that payment to request the deferment. Deferments are entirely at the discretion of the Customer. You may request to stop an individual payment through the Split Payments platform however you will still be liable to make this payment to the Customer
4. ALTERING THE SCHEDULE Should you wish to alter the payment frequency or Day to Debit contact the Customer. Altering schedule is solely at the discretion of the Customer. The Customer may charge a fee for this service. The Customer shall notify you of these fees. Any changes made will not affect the total amount you would otherwise have paid over the minimum term of your Contract.
5. CANCELLING THE PAYMENTS You can cancel this Direct Debit Request Authority at any time through the Split Payments platform. Cancellation of the authority to debit your account will not terminate your contract or remove your liability to make the payments you have agreed to with the Customer.
6. DISPUTES If you dispute any debit payment, you must notify the Customer immediately. The Customer will respond to your dispute within 7 working days and will immediately refund the amount of the debit if they are not able to substantiate the reason for it. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from the Customer to your dispute, contact Split Payments who will respond to you with an answer to your claim within 5 business days if your claim is lodged within 12 months of the disputed drawing, or within 30 business days if your claim is lodged after 12 months from the disputed drawing.
7. BUSINESS DAYS When the day to debit falls on a weekend or public holiday the debit will be initiated on the next working day.
8. DISHONOURED PAYMENTS It is your responsibility to ensure that on the due date clear funds are available in your nominated account to meet the direct debit payment. Should your payment be dishonoured, you authorise Split Payments to debit your account when clear funds become available in your nominated bank account.
9. ENQUIRIES Enquiries may be directed to enquiries@splitpayments.com.au.
10.YOUR OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES In addition to those already mentioned, you are responsible for ensuring that your nominated account is able to accept direct debits. If it is not, it is your responsibility to provide Split Payments with a new account number.

You request and authorise Split Payments Pty Ltd (User ID 492448) to arrange, through its own financial institution, a debit to your nominated account any amount Split Payments Pty Ltd, has deemed payable by you.
This debit or charge will be made through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) from your account held at the financial institution you have nominated below and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.

Changes to your Layby Package
Any changes or amendments made to your booking will incur a change fee of $55 per change, per booking plus 100% of any applicable supplier change fees, which will be quoted to you for your approval. All change confirmations must be made in writing to enquiries@layawaytravel.com.au.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellation requests must be made in writing to enquiries@layawaytravel.com.au. Cancellation requests cannot be accepted over the phone or via live chat. As payments are automated we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

Holiday Cancellation Fees
There will be no cancellation fee, if you cancel your booking before payments have commenced.

Once a holiday or cruise package has been fully paid, it is non-refundable and non-transferable.

a) Bookings cancelled 13 - 24 months prior to departure are subject to 10% cancellation fee of the booking value plus 100% of any deposits, bookings fees and/or payments we may have made on your behalf to third party suppliers.

b) Bookings cancelled 7 - 12 months prior to departure are subject to a 15% cancellation fee of the booking value plus 100% of any deposits, bookings fees and/or payments we may have made on your behalf to third party suppliers.

c) Bookings cancelled 2 - 6 months prior to departure are subject to a 20% cancellation fee of the booking value plus 100% of any deposits, bookings fees and/or payments we may have made on your behalf to third party suppliers

d) Cancellations 60 days or less prior to departure will result in 100% cancellation fees.

Cruise Cancellation Fees
Where a cruise package has not been fully paid the following fees will apply:

a) For Royal Caribbean Cruises, a $200 per adult / $100 per child cancellation fee plus 100% of supplier fees:

90 - 61 Days prior to departure

25% of the total fare per passenger plus deposit

60 - 41 Days prior to departure

50% of the total fare per passenger plus deposit

40 - 25 Days prior to departure

75% of the total fare per passenger plus deposit

24 - 0 Days prior to departure

100% of the total fare per passenger plus deposit

b) For P&O Cruises, a $150 per adult / $75 per child cancellation fee plus 100% of supplier fees:

180 - 76 Days prior to departure

Loss of deposit up to $250 per person

75 - 31 Days prior to departure

50% of the total fare

30 - 0 Days prior to departure

100% of the total fare

Please note that from time to time a product that you are booking may be unavailable when LayAway Travel go to place that booking with the relevant supplier. In this instance LayAway Travel will find a similar alternate product and will provide you the option of either (a) receiving that similar product, or (b) receiving a full refund. All services provided are subject to availability. At times circumstances beyond our control may mean we have to revise a component of your booking, (e.g.: if an airline cancels or changes its schedule; or if a hotel overbooks or closes for renovations). 

Top Up Payment
You can use Top Up Payments to make a catch-up or a bulk payment to your layby plan via credit or debit card. You can make as many Top Up Payments as you wish during the course of your layby. A Top Up Payment will automatically recalculate and reduce your instalment amount. Top Up Payments will not change your scheduled instalment dates. To make a Top Up Payment log in to Your Account.

Changes to Payment Plans
You can make changes to your payment plan by contacting us at enquiries@layawaytravel.com.au or on 1300 266 286. Changes to payment plans must be made at least 2 days prior to a scheduled payment. Changes requested on the day of a scheduled payment may not be possible.

Missed Instalments
If your layby account is in arrears at any stage or final balance is not received by due date, you may be at risk of losing your reservation or the price of your booking increasing. This is because the overdue monies owing may inhibit LayAway Travel from booking, paying and ticketing travel arrangements according to the third party supplier agreement, which may result in the loss of the booking or a price increase.

Missed or declined payments policy
If an instalment is missed, an automatic recalculation occurs, at no additional fee and notification will be sent to you. Future instalments will increase to absorb the missed payment to ensure final balance date remains the same. If 4 or more instalments are missed, you will need to contact us in order to discuss a catch up payment plan to avoid a price increase and/or auto-cancellation.

Our consultants are trained to assist in helping you manage your layby holiday. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us on 1300 266 286 to discuss available options.

Dishonour Fee
You will charged a dishonour fee of $10.00 to cover charges incurred from a missed Direct Debit or Credit Card payment. Please note that your financial institution may also charge you a dishonour fee.

LayAway Travel reserves the right to not honour a booking if there is a pricing error or it is believed an incorrect total was achieved by way of technical glitch, and will notify the customer accordingly. LayAway Travel has the right to refuse a transaction in the unlikely case that there is a pricing error or cart error and prices are not shown as correct.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance can be purchased at a discounted price through Sure Save please visit: https://www.suresave.com.au/ and select your preferred coverage plan and make payment. You also have the option of arranging your own travel insurance. Any customers with pre-existing medical conditions will be required to contact the insurer directly. We strongly recommend that all travellers take out travel insurance against loss of deposits through cancellation charges, baggage loss and medical expenses. We makes no representations or guarantees concerning reimbursements of funds paid by you under any insurance claim. You agree not to hold LayAway Travel responsible for any decision made by insurers, and/ or by any service providers, or requirements of any overseas country or governmental authority or overseas laws and policies.

Dispute Resolution
In the event of any dispute under these Terms and Conditions the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute. Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions which cannot be resolved by the parties shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with, and subject to, The Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia, Mediation and Conciliation Rules.

Passports, Visas and Travel Documentation
You are responsible for arranging your own passport, visa and health requirements including vaccinations. Visa requirements can and do change and we recommend that you recheck the visa requirements for your destination prior to travel. If you are not travelling on an Australian passport, a returning resident visa may be required for re-entry into Australia. It is your responsibility to obtain this. Most countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months beyond the date of your intended stay in the country and you must ensure that your passport is still current for travel.

The name/s on your booking must be identical to valid passports and you are responsible for ensuring that this is the case at the time that you place a booking through LayAway Travel. You should speak with your doctor regarding the vaccinations required for your travel.

You should also speak with the relevant foreign embassies, as some countries require that travellers be vaccinated against specific diseases.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides a travel advisory service and advises Australian travellers on security risks in a number of countries. Please contact DFAT to avail yourself of the travel advisories prior to departure. Please refer to this guide at: www.smartraveller.gov.au.

Design Your Own
A Consultation Service Fee of $55 per booking is pre-payable for a tailor made package. The consultation service fee will be credited to your first booking. The consultation fee is non-refundable and collected in advance of consultation and prior to beginning of your planning. The consultation service fee includes initial consultation, research, expertise, itinerary & budget planning, quote and proposal preparation. Tailor made packages incorporating flights must include a minimum 3 nights’ accommodation.

Honeymoon Registry
Final balance is due 2 months prior to departure. Any additional contributions over and above total package cost or made 8 – 2 weeks prior to departure will be reimbursed as spending money to your nominated bank account at least 1 week prior to departure.

Honeymoon Bonus
To qualify for the honeymoon bonus a copy of the Wedding Certificate is mandatory upon check-in. Honeymoon amenities are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Valid only for honeymooners arriving to the hotel within 12 months after their original wedding date. 

Promo Code Terms
Valid for new bookings made online for the duration of the promotion. Code must be used at time of check out. To apply a Promo Code, you must enter it prior to completing the order or the discount amount will not be applied to a booking. Promo Codes are NOT transferable or redeemable for cash or credit. In most cases Promo Codes will be for specific products or packages and all other products or packages will be excluded from Promo Code usage. Promo Codes are only valid for orders placed online. LayAway Travel reserves the right to decline to accept bookings where, in its opinion, a Promo Code is invalid, has been improperly used for a booking or is a result of a technical error. Promo Codes are only valid on specific products or packages while stocks last and may be withdrawn at any time. Only one Promo Code can be used per booking. Promo Codes are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion. If a booking has been created using a Promo Code and is then cancelled, the Promo Code cannot be refunded or re-used. Promo Codes apply to the total booking value, not per passenger. Promo Codes cannot be applied retrospectively to bookings already made. The Promo Code will expire on the date specified or after the number of bookings specified in the specific terms relating to the Promo Code. You cannot use the Promo Code after this date. Use of the Promo Code deems acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Use govern your use of our Site and form a contract between you and us if you use the Site. Please read the Use of Website terms here carefully. Please contact us if you have any questions, at enquiries@layawaytravel.com.au . Your use of the Site indicates that you have had sufficient opportunity to access the Terms and that you have read and accepted the Terms.

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